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Raising Standards in Literacy Through Drama

Innovative ways to engage, inform and educate

Zip Theatre has created an exciting version of Shakespeare's Macbeth for children in Years 5 and 6.

Zip has a well established reputation for effective theatre-in-education work. The company has worked closely with the Wolverhampton Literacy Initiative whilst developing this programme which is designed to complement the Government's drive to improve standards of literacy.

Building on the success of Zip's extensive TIE experience, including devising and delivering a Pilot Summer Literacy School, and in response to National Literacy Strategy requirements, Macbeth is a dynamic new programme especially designed to promote enjoyment and understanding of Shakespeare, based on one of his most accessible plays.

The Programme offers an excellent opportunity to reinforce the literacy work undertaken by Year 6. It is also an ideal introduction for Year 5 pupils who will be studying Shakespeare in Year 6.


Teachers' responses:

“I thought the whole programme was excellent - just the right length too!"

"The best children's performance I have seen in 20 years of teaching."

"Another outstanding contribution from Zip to our school curriculum!"

Ananse The Spiderman

stories of the Caribbean

"Ananse is full of energy and colour, superb acting, dance and music which are expertly woven into a masterpiece of storytelling"

"The content and the high quality of the acting held the children spellbound.  Ananse provided a brilliant introduction to the storytelling cultureof Africa and the Caribbean"

A Wolverhampton School Headteacher

Colin Dixon, Dennis Ffrench - Ananse The Spiderman

The Monster Journey

Based on an adaptation of Homer's story of The Cyclops, this exciting, modern and accessible version was written by Jon Lingard-Lane in response to the National Literacy Strategy and includes, for example, many medium-frequency words.

The Story Fun Store

Based on two traditional stories from other cultures - one of the African Caribbean Ananse stories and a traditional Indian story, The King With Dirty Feet.

Whether children enjoy the 2 hour programme based on The Monster Journey or The Story Fun Store, the treatment of the work is similar and includes:

Crazy World

A play for pupils in Year 10 and above which raises awareness of the issues around children being forced into prostitution.

The play centres on Jenny, a 15 year old schoolgirl who is unwittingly lured into the world of drugs and prostitution. Accurately researched with the professional input of experts working with young people in this situation,Crazy World clearly demonstrates the early warning signs of a new relationship which is potentially abusive.

Using a positive approach to address the issues, young people are encouraged to be aware of the very real dangers which do exist. Accurate information is given about how and where to seek effective help.

Live music and powerful performances underscore a very high quality piece of theatre-in-education which was originally commissioned by Barnardo's PHASE (Providing Hope Against Sexual Exploitation) Project in Wolverhampton.

The programme includes follow-up workshops, delivered within a structured and safe framework to address the sensitive issues raised in the play.

".....this should be seen by every young person in secondary schools." (Head of PSE, Walsall school.)