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Treasure Island

Wolverhampton Chronicle 15.12.95 Set sail for lots of adventure

Shiver me timbers! A salty sea ditty about lost treasure has been turned into a Wolverhampton pantomime packed with fun. The town's Zip Theatre is staging a sequel to Robert Louis Stephenson's Treasure Island.

The audience was whipped into frenzied excitement as Adventures on Treasure Island unfolded.

The five cast members superbly interacted, but the star of the show had to be Denny Ffrench as the Dame. He produced a truly loveable character. Also appearing were Dyll Ferreday as Ben Gunn, Colin Dixon as Jim Hawkins, Sue Pollitt as Long Tall Sally and (writer, director) Jon Lingard-Lane as Long John Silver. (Deborah Luck)

Romeo and Juliet 1: Bury Times 22.05.92 Comfortable with Zip

It has always been a contention of mine that Shakespeare should be banned from schools - on the grounds that those august establishments turn our youth away from the greatest playwright that ever lived.

Imagine, then my consternation when I realised that the bulk of the audience at the Met last Friday for the excellent Zip Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet were far nearer to school days than I am.One cannot, of course, say much about the play itself - a classic story with the words still tripping easily from the tongue like liquid poetry.

The production, however, is THE thing with Shakespeare. Will they be faithful to the original? Will they spoil it through 'modernisation' ? Will they forget the acting and rely on our Will's magic words to carry the day? All those I can accuse companies of and have done. But not Zip.

This youthful and multiracial company, based in Wolverhampton, have toured with this play for a couple of months now and it is plain to see that they are comfortable with it. So were we....

(Frank Elson)

2: Wolverhampton Chronicle 27.03.92 From Bard - to brilliant

Wolverhampton's Zip Theatre firmly dispelled the myth that Shakespeare is only for the highbrow with their thoroughly modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Up-to-date costumes and sensitive cutting of the dialogue to make this a tight and easily-followed show mean that Zip Theatre is on to a surefire winner with school audiences.

Rosalind Paul, as Juliet, was nothing short of excellent with a marvellous grasp of pace and feeling for her character's innocent nature that made her utterly believable. As Romeo, Colin Dixon gave solid support to his Juliet but was outshone by her. There were stunning performances from Alex Jones, as the flamboyant and energetic Mercutio, and Cathy Pemberton, who was loud, proud and deliciously vulgar as Juliet's nurse.

However, it is difficult to single out individuals from a cast who were obviously thoroughly prepared and had given their roles much careful thought. Extremely convincing fight scenes arranged by Kevin McCurdy and some atmospheric music between scenes made this truly a performance to remember.(Caroline Jones)

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