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Pioneering Theatre, Music and Community Arts

 In Wolverhampton from 1980 to 2013


1982 - 2013

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GCSE Music Courses

Pioneering Music in the West Midlands

Zip's professional music staff deliver the following GCSE music courses in schools:

This six-week course develops students' playing skills and their understanding of the role of each instrument within a modern band.

The Showcase performance at the end of the course develops students' presentation skills and also builds their confidence in playing.

The Showcase is an excellent way to raise the profile of the music department in school and usually generates enthusiastic support from senior management.

Zip's team record the live performance and pupils who have an interest in learning recording skills also take part in this process. All equipment for performance, Showcase and the recording session is supplied by Zip.

This four-week course develops students' song writing skills and understanding of popular music song structures.

The course is extremely useful for students who need to submit an original composition as part of their exam.

All equipment is supplied by Zip.

This four-week course is aimed to develop student's knowledge of the equipment and skills needed to complete a successful recording.

The course is extremely popular with music departments who need to record students' original compositions for GCSE, AS & A2 Music Technology coursework.

All equipment is supplied by Zip.

This four week program demonstrates how and why the Remix and Sampling has become an integral part of modern music.

Different styles of remix are explored, and students have the opportunity to experience a remix being performed live in the classroom!

Students are also encouraged to develop their listening skills.

All equipment is supplied by Zip.

Gospel Workshops