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by Nick Pemberton

Easter Sunday 2008

A mother and child cross a village green:
where are they going? Where have they been?

North, south, east, west,
the sky above and the earth below:
eight roads meet at this wheel of grass
where people and their feelings pass
between the nineteen trees,
and season by season, day by day
our lives lead back here then take us away
to the edge of the world and beyond.

Every day the world has something to sell us.
Every day the earth has something to tell us.

Above this global village green
above this everyday urban scene
above café, clinic, convenience store
birds circle and soar as they ply
the blind blue avenues of the sky
while, below, each small step we take
shapes the hours and the life we make
here at the heart of this world and beyond.

From the faraway edge of a world grown wild
an old man remembers a mother and child
crossing together a village green:
where were they going? What have they seen?

Nick Pemberton wrote The Low Hill Story with Zip Theatre in 1994.
He is now course leader for Creative Writing at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle.